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The World Surf League Championship Tour is arguably one of the best free sporting series, with 34  of the world’s top male surfers and 18 of the top female surfers competing at the worlds best surf breaks. And through the WSL website, you can watch the live action as it unfolds – it’s full of drama, tactics, tension, beautiful locations and of course pumping waves!

This year, just like 2017, we are offering you guys the chance to win some amazing prizes by joining us in the Surfer Magazine Fantasy Surfer Competition

At Escape, we love watching the WSL events live stream, so a bit of friendly competition adds to the fun! Who will make your teams? Is Jordy your favourite? Will it be Kellys last chance? Will the Brazilians dominate? Can Steph reclaim her world title from twice winner Tyler Wright?

What are we doing & why?

We’ve set up a Fantasy Surfer Club, just for our customers and friends, and at the end of the series of events, we will crown some winners based on your overall positions (the Fantasy Surfer standard rules apply). Prizes on offer include: Escape Memberships, which gives you FREE surf lessons, Surf Clothing, Surf lessons and more! We may even have some consolation prizes for the worst performing team!

How does it work?

Firstly, you need to register on Fantasy Surfer and join our club: #EscapeSurfSchool (Its free, but you will need a code as it’s a “private club” !!) Code is: SurfEscape

Before each event, you choose your team. You have a fixed budget, and surfers are priced differently based on their form and previous performances. The prices can go up and down throughout the season, so if you choose wisely at the start, you can save “money” in the long run.

After each event and before the next you can select and change your teams, however trading is locked down as soon as the event starts, so you need to remember to select  / change your team before the next event. We’ll remind you all via social media as well as maybe giving you some extra insights to help you choose your teams (you can of course choose to ignore these tips!)

The Club House

By joining the club, you can view your performance against the rest of the club members, as well as seeing their successful (& unsuccessful) surfers.

To join the club house, all you need to do is register first of all, the once you are logged in, navigate to Clubs /  Private Clubs


Search for #escape


 Enter the code SurfEscape and hit join – Easy!

Choosing your Team

Choosing your team is easy – just navigate to My Team, select  Mens Team or Womens Team, and drag and drop your team members – remember you can’t spend more than $50,000,000 on the mens teams or $30,000,000 on the womens team, so choose wisely!

We will try to provide tips on social media before each event regarding form and our picks, but its really up to you!

How do I Win?

We will be offering the following prizes after the Championship Tour is over for surfers who have joined the #EscapeSurfSchool club

Overall Winner of Mens Tour:

A Gold Membership (Single) , valid for 12 months after the Competition ends (after the final Championship Tour Event).

This gives you 10 x FREE SURF LESSONS and lots of other benefits too.You can find further information here. T&Cs apply

Overall Winner of Womens Tour:

A Silver Membership Single Membership, valid for 12 months after the Competition ends (after the final Championship Tour Event).

this gives you 50% OFF SURF LESSONS+ other benefits. You can find further information here. T&Cs apply

There will be a few spot prizes too, which we’ll decide on as we progress through the Tour. These could be awarded for things like “Best Total Score” “Most Consistent Results” or even “Loudest Social Media Friend”

Remember by entering the Surfer Magazine Fantasy Surfer you can also win prizes awarded by Fantasy Surfer, but to win our prizes you need to join our club #EscapeSurf School

Social Media

We want to make this competition reach as many of our friends and customers as possible, so we’d ask that if you share our posts, please tag us and use the Hashtag #EscapeSurfSchool and #FantasySurfer

You've got to be in it to win it!