The Escape Surf School Newquay Cornwall

Surf Coach with Two Surfers

All our surf lessons, from the half day to the 6 lesson course are tailored towards your individual level of surfing which we will assess on the day.

On every session, we usually have a mixture of beginners and those that may have had 1 or 2 lessons and perhaps some more advanced surfers, therefore we will usually have at least 2 or 3 instructors coaching; one for each level of surfing

We always assess your ability on the day, and assign you to the correct group – this ensures that you will never receive the same lesson twice, as you will progress.

Whether you are a complete beginner or surf regularly, you will benefit from a lesson with the Escape Surf School. As well as teaching the technique and skill of surfing we also place a great emphasis on safety and water awareness. We pride ourselves on being flexible, so if there is not a course to suit you, just give us a call and we can discuss your requirements.

95% of our lessons, take place on Towan Beach, which is a 1 minute walk from the surf school which is an ideal beach for learning and progressing quickly. Occasionally we use Great Western or Fistral beach, all of which are less than 5 minutes walk from the school. So we meet at the school, where we all change into wetsuits, and then proceed to the best beach for the conditions, tides and clients ability.

All our lessons are 2 hours long and include all equipment

We are flexible. If you want to spread your lessons over a few days, you can - at no extra cost, so maybe you would like to have 3 lessons over 6 days, that’s fine!

Group Discounts are available, just ask for details, or check out our group bookings section

The prices include board and wetsuit (and boots, gloves & hoods if required) there are no hidden charges.



Perfect for beginners looking for an introduction to surfing, or a quick surfing fix for those with some experience!

For students on a first lesson we will introduce all of the skills and techniques necessary to surf with control and safety. You'll be riding the waves with style at the end of this session!

If you have already surfed, then we will use this session to build on more advanced techniques, including paddling, turning and reading the ocean. The lesson will be tailored to your ability, which we'll assess at the start of the session.

Man on Surf Board

An intensive day of surfing aimed at people wanting to learn lots of technique in a short period of time.

The lessons will be tailored to your individual level of surfing guaranteeing you get the most out of the session. The 2 sessions can be taken over 1 or 2 days as required and are targeted to your current ability.

Each session is 2 hours long, and there will usually be a 1-2 hour break between each session, however this time is affected by the tide times and conditions.


A great way to cover the basics of surfing in a short period of time. The lessons will be tailored to your individual level of surfing. The 3 sessions can be taken over 3 separate days if required, or over 2 days.

An ideal package for a long weekend, with time to relax between sessions. 

Girl riding a surf board

If you are a beginner, then you will be shown the basics of surfing on the first couple of lessons, perfecting the technique of getting to your feet and riding the waves consistently. We'll then move to more progressive techniques, including turning, paddling, pop-up and wave awareness.

For those who've already surfed, we'll work on more progressive & technical coaching. Depending upon your current ability, this can include outback surfing (riding unbroken or "green" waves), turning, paddling, positioning. We'll assess your ability on the first session

This is an intensive course aimed at maximum water time over a short period, although you can spread the lessons over 4 days if you like, 

Man on Surf Board

A great course based over one week (6 days). Come and surf with us and live the surf lifestyle in the centre of UK surfing.

This course is suitable for all abilities, whether you are a complete beginner or have surfed before. You will be shown basic techniques through to advanced techniques like paddling correctly, turning and reading the ocean and waves.  

Lots of water time so a great opportunity to become a competent surfer. You can also progress from beginner boards to more technical surf boards.

This course is based on 1 surf lesson per day, however if you are feeling really enegetic, you could complete 6 lessons over the course of 3 days (2 per day)!